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Holcim Strong Structure Cement (PCC)

Holcim (Strong Structure), a Portland Composite Cement (PCC) complies with BDS EN 197-1:2003, CEM II/B-M (S-V-L), 42.5N standard. The usage of this type of cement started in the last few decades in Bangladesh Qty in Bag(s) | Minimum Order Quantity is 100 Bag(s) [simple_tooltip content='Displayed selling price is for a single purchase only. Further discounts are available on this product for larger quantities. Your applicable discount % will depend on your purchase volume, frequency, and location. Please add to the cart to get the final price']Prices are retail prices. Please add to the cart to get the final price.[/simple_tooltip]

Tolsen Two Way Mallet Hammer 35mm

Tolsen Two Way Mallet Hammer 35mm

  • 35mm plastic nylon heads
  • Fiberglass lightweight handle
  • Rubberized unti-slip grip
  • Head diameter: 1.3″ or 35mm
  • Weight: 14oz or 400g
Tolsen Screwdriver 5.5x100mm

Tolsen Screwdriver 5.5x100mm

  • Brand: Tolsen
  • Model: 20004
  • Material: Cr-v
  • Size: Slotted:6.5*150mm
  • Two-component comfortable grip
  • Black finish magnetic tip
  • One inner box with 2 plastic hangers
Tolsen Ball Pein Hammer 25025

Tolsen Ball Pein Hammer 25025


  • Brand: Tolsen
  • Model: 25025
  • Drop-forged carbon steel head
  • Fiber-glass handle with rubberized coating
  • Head size: 1.14″ or 29mm
  • Head weight: 32oz or 900g
  • Length: 12″ or 30.5cm
  • Gross weight:1.5g
Tolsen 8 in 1 Screwdriver Set

Tolsen 8 in 1 Screwdriver Set


  • Brand: Tolsen
  • SL: 3.0×65, 5.0×65, 6.0x65mmPH: PH0x65, PH1x65, PH2x65mm
  • 1pc scratch awl 3x65mm
  • 1pc tack remover 5x65mm
  • 1pc handle
  • Packing: plastic box
  • Premium quality screwdriver set
  • Crafted from the quality material
  • Contains 8 different sizes and types of screwdrivers
  • Portable
  • Lightweight